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Custom shows

The Animal Guyz have the ability to create all aspects of a show from the equipment to the design and visuals. Our shows can link via the screen to the Animal Guyz presenters and bring them into your venue via screens. We can interact with your presenters and audience bringing our two brands together. Animals have always been popular with a family and we have the blue print for the perfect animal themed event and activities. contact us today to find out how we can help you and your venue teams.

Animal Education Centres

The Animal Guyz have designed and built many animal educational rooms. The rooms are designed as education areas allowing visitors to get up close and learn amazing facts about animals and the natural world. These rooms featured live animals in the past. However, with the use of technology and clever enclosures we can now make these spaces completely animal free.

This concept can be adapted into any size room and are incredibly popular for all ages


The rooms can involve life shows and talks throughout the day, phobia sessions, animal care activities and much more


If you have a space and you are looking for something different, popular, creative and a proven success then do get in contact and we can talk you through what we can do from install to support

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