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Our main chosen project.


If you have watched our show this year you will know that we talk about the Pangolin which is the most poached mammal on earth and in particular we talk about Moses and his work in Uganda.

With your help watching our show and supporting what we do we are able to help Moses and his team with their work.

So far we have raised thousands and have help fund.

  • New vehicle (to make getting to rescue call outs quicker)

  • New Pangolin enclosures

  • Fund team/family meals

  • Create mushroom farms (to sell at market)

  • Stock their ponds (used to give poachers and villages an alternative to bush meat)

  • Help fund stock for their small visitor shop

  • Help the ladies in the village with creation of soap making for market.

  • Help the ladies in the village with classes to teach them how to make alternative coal (helps avoid cutting trees and habitat down)

  • School education classes for the children.

It is not just about saving one animal, it is about creating a culture and setting up proper education. Giving poachers an alternative is an absolute must. If their children are hungry, what alternative do they have?

This project has already saved 144 Pangolins and this is just the start.

Our current project is to help finish the accommodation building so that the rangers can rest safely when caring for the Pangolins at the centre.

We are very proud that we get to work with them and play our part.

If you would like to help make a difference and support in anyway you can do so here



A great organisation that we have talked about in our shows for many years.They are a passionate group of people dedicated to saving the orangutan, led by an experienced set of wildlife experts that have been working for over 20 years to protect orangutans. Their team, supporters, partners and the community are working hard to protect orangutans from extinction.

To find out more or to donate then please visit HERE


We also use the adoption services via the WWF website. They have great adoption packs for many different animals which is a great idea for gifts.

To find out more or to donate then please visit HERE

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