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Animal Guyz TV has something for everyone on it. There are some episode programmes concentrating specifically on one particular animal. However, we can’t just talk about an animal so the episode will usually feature Steven with his lack of understanding and ability, followed by Craig getting more and more annoyed as he tries his best to keep things on track and then Becca swoops in with some amazing art linked to that animal so those at home can give it a go.

You can watch the shows that feature games between the team and none of them play nice or maybe press play and take on a challenge set by Steven featuring hundreds of animals. There is even a pilot TV show filmed in 2019 that was not made for release as was not rehearsed, not directed, contestants met 10mins before cameras rolled but they thought why not share what was done.

Most episodes on the channel are aimed at children 8 to 12 year olds with the facts, jokes and approach but as you will see these shows don’t need kids to watch as packed full of sneaky fun for the adults too…………..What does that mean I hear you ask……..Well……..The TV channels would have a heart attack with our approach as its not bubble gum and would see us put on the naughty step. However, they were in lockdown, wanted to follow their characters of their live show and well………they weren’t doing it for a big TV channel so they could have some creative fun. It worked as they have had an incredible response from all over and everyday receive wonderful letters and videos from those watching saying how fun they find them and refreshing. 

Give a few episodes a go and you will see what we mean.

The Animal Guyz are a very new and much needed FRESH approach when it comes to animal passion, presenting and education……..ENJOY


Illustrations by: Rebecca Williams
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