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Walk it off

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Switch out short car journeys for walking and cycling (Hubbub)

Helping nature and observing nature can easily be done by walking wherever possible. Just try and add one walk into your day, week or month that you wouldn’t normally do.

How often do you jump in the car? Did you know that around 60% of 1-2 mile trips are made by car (Gov UK)? Switching out short trips in the car for walking, cycling or public transport can have a massive impact for the environment and help keep you fit and healthy. Win, win. 

In the UK, transport is 24% of total greenhouse emissions, and within that 52% of transport emissions come from passenger cars (Gov UK). As well as releasing a lot of carbon into the atmosphere, the increased use of cars also causes traffic, noise pollution and air pollution - dramatically decreasing the quality of the air we're breathing. In 2021, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that the UK has systematically exceeded air pollution limits to dangerous levels and getting in our cars less is one way to help bring these levels down.

1) Walk, scoot, roller-blade or ride a bicycle.

…you’ll not only cut emissions but likely feel great from the exercise (and money saving) too. What’s not to love? The idea of biking up hills or for longer distances? Try an e-bike or e-scooter, and if you have lots of things (or small people) to carry, why not try a cargo bike.

2) Use public transport.

Depending on where you live, taking the train, tram or bus usually doesn’t take much longer than driving, and can be far quicker when considering traffic and parking. You can also work, read or relax on the way so turn up looking and feeling fresh.

3) Try ride sharing.

Have you ever noticed how many single people are each driving their own individual cars? If you do need to drive somewhere, why not turn 3 cars into 1 and catch a lift, share space (and snacks) and have some company.

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