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The Animal Guyz can offer the best day in school EVER. A great animal experience that is both fun and educational. We have spent years educating in schools with animals covering topics of mini beasts, rainforest, life cycles etc. However, we are now in a position to offer a socially distance and safe experience that uses NO LIVE ANIMALS. 


Each visit will be adapted to each school, event and space so that each animal can be showcased at its best. 


The children will look out across the school grounds and see life size dinosaurs moving around all while hearing the facts about each one and their place on planet earth. The selection of animals will range from a wolf, crocodile, Elephants, Gorillas and orangutans. 


The visit is a minimum of 45mins but can be extended for all day if that is how you would like it to be done and based on how many classes and the school set up. 


We have no limit on class numbers and the experience is been adapted as an outside experience so is fully Covid safe. 

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